MTV Bump

Client: MTV International
TAGS: Interactive, Digital

Make stuff. Get it on air. Take control of MTV.

When MTV launched, it was the voice of a generation, but today’s viewers have lots of different ways to make their voices heard. So, as part of the 2015 network’s global rebrand, we proposed something daring: turning control of the airwaves over to its creative, socially-savvy audience.

MTV Bump is a responsive web-based platform that brings the instant self-expression of the internet to broadcast television. Combining user’s social content with pre-rendered backgrounds and dynamic text, it lets them create idents or Bump (MTV’s traditional interstitial TV promos) that run between programming.

As a result, the audience took the control of the channel by creating their own interpretation of the brand.

In collaboration with the agency B-Reel, we developed the digital platform ( that allowed viewers to create their own video art breaks using their Instagram and Vine videos. A custom renderer and API connected directly to the broadcast queue, readying submissions for air in as little as 2 hours.

This initiative was part of a global rebrand of the channel, evolving the iconic slogan “I want my MTV” into “I am my MTV”, focusing the attention back on the viewers as today’s key content creators.

Users will be notified when their content is going to air, drawing important young-viewer eyeballs to MTV.

In addition to the front-end, a robust middleware layer that handled routing and approvals for all of MTV’s local networks around the world, was designed and built.

MTV International aired more than 7000 pieces of user generated content per week. That approximately equals to 7 seasons of any primetime show.

We handed over the keys of MTV to our audience, and helped them turn it by giving them brand new technology to make and share.
And amplified their voices and content from their feeds, to a global broadcast network available in more than half a billion households in more than 110 countries.


Webby Awards 2016: Nominee Technical Achievement


VP Creative: Sean Saylor VP Marketing: Tanya Leedekerken Creative Director: Nacho Gil – Director Digital Marketing Strategy: Mikael Fröberg – Creative Lead: Maxi Borrego – Designer: Nacho Varone – Production & Operation Director: Josefina Marfil – Lead Producer: Delfina Chiesa

Production Company: B-reel